Callahan Auto & Muscle Car Repairs

Callahan Auto and Muscle Car Repairs is a website made for an auto repair shop located in Hollywood, FL that specializes in classic cars up to today's latest vehicles.  They perform engine rebuilds, transmission overhauls and regulary maintenance jobs for all vehicles.  The site was constructed using WordPress to meet the specifications of promoting the local business and giving it a web presence to market their shop, products they sell and interace with users about routine maintenance.

Major Plugins Used:

Custom Theme modified using Game Passion and logo and branding was developed by our partner, Alex Izaguirre, from Alexiz, Inc.  A standard mobile theme from the Mobile Smart plugin was customized to fit the similar color scheme of the desktop version.

Futbox Futsal Center

Futbox is an indoor soccer facility located in Doral, FL.  Their site was developed with WordPress and the main objective was to attract prospective clients with their visually appealling facility and to take reservations from the website.  The online reservation systems is provided by Checkfront which turns your website into a real-time booking engine and provides an easy way to manage your business from anywhere.

Major Plugins Used:

Baby U View

Baby U View is a social network site uniquely designed to share all your baby's precious memories in one place. It is simple, private and secure. This site allows your family and friends to be a part of the development of your baby every step of the way.  The major features are allowing members to engage with one another in the social network targeted to new parents, allowing members to create photo and video albums, engage in forums and create blog posts to document and share their stories.

Major Plugins Used:

  • BuddyPress - a social networking plugin that integrates easily with WordPress.  We customized the member header to give it a different look and simplified the menu options to simplify the navigation to highlight major features.
  • bbPress - a forum software to create a simple and engaging community.
  • BP Album+ Extended - Photo albums for BuddyPress which includes posts to the activity stream, member comments and gallery privacy controls.
  • FeedWordPress - an Atom/RSS aggregrator for WordPress to allow to take in feeds for a few daily deal sites for display.
  • Quick Post Widget - provides a widget to post directly from the frontend of your site without going to the backend.

One of the plugins used and extended was BuddyPress Albums in which we took a beta version with the functionality to have multiple albums and videos (which wasn't working yet) and made it function to meet the specifications for this site.  Please read more about the plugin in our forums.

In addition, upon every user registering, we created a category automatically so that the blog posts for each user is categorized under this category which is the same name of the registered username.  This will allow organization of who's blogs belongs to whom and allow for a fugure feature to allow bloggers to create categories that will be children of the parent category, ie, their username category.